November Blog: Improving the customer experience for disabled people

Purple Tuesday is coming up, and we’re ready! Purple Tuesday is a programme that encourages organisational changes to improve the customer experience for disabled people. Purple Tuesday takes place on 2nd November, but improving the customer experience for disabled people 365 days a year is the common goal.

Going shopping is something many of us take for granted, but for persons with a disability and all those with accessibility requirements, visiting somewhere for the first time can be a daunting prospect. We recognise the ‘If I don’t know, I don’t go’ barrier and the importance of providing reliable accessibility information to people with disabilities. That’s why we have partnered with AccessAble, the UK’s most trusted and popular source of accessibility information, to conduct detailed accessibility audits and produce accessibility guides.

The AccessAble guides contain all you need to know about accessible toilet facilities, parking, walking distances, door widths, colour contrast, seating, and public transport with all the relevant facts, figures, and photographs.

We’ve also offered introduction training to Purple Tuesday accessibility principles to all of the shops and restaurants with the aim of making a visit as accessible and enjoyable as possible.

For more information please visit our Accessibility Page.

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